Apple to Close TestFlight Website

01/26/2015 17:36

In an email sent out to developers and a message posted on the website, Apple has today announced that they will be closing the TestFlight website. Last year Apple purchased the popular beta testing service and announced at WWDC that developers would be able to release betas of their software to testers. Before Apple’s purchase, developers were able to do this from the website. However, Apple wants developers to start moving their testing towards the iTunes Connect side. From there developers can submit their apps to the TestFlight beta service. This is the exact same thing, however you’re going through Apple.

Most developers who are taking advantage of this have been doing so from iTunes Connect. Thus, Apple closing the TestFlight website won’t affect too many people. In the support article Apple tells you how to move both your software and testers over to iTunes Connect. This will take in effect on February 26.




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