Apple Stores to Start Selling New Square Stand

07/07/2013 08:00


A while ago we reported that Square announced a new stand for the iPad that makes it easier to accept credit cards in a small business store. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is going to start carrying the new stand in retail stores July 9, which is next Tuesday. The stand will begin shipping from Square’s site on the eighth and should start selling in Apple’s store one day after. Several Apple Retail Stores have started receiving their stands today. A few stores have been allowed to start selling them upon request by customers. Apple will sell the stand for the same price as square, $299.

Apple started selling Square’s products back in 2011 when they released their very popular card reader. They sold them in retail stores as well as their online store. That is still the same to this day. While it is not confirmed, Apple will most likely sell the stand on their online store. 




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