Apple Shares Two New ‘Your Verse’ Stories

08/11/2014 14:01

Apple has today updated their “Your Verse” page with two new stories. The first story features the band Yaoband and how they use the iPad in their music. The other story shows how Jason Hall uses the iPad in his biking program. 

In this first story, Yaoband uses the iPad to capture sounds and then turns them into beats. The video on Apple’s site shown them doing just that. The page features two videos. Towards the bottom of the page is a part where you get to know the band, and find some of that apps that they use. 

The second story shows the iPad being used for biking. The page also shows how the iPad is used in organizing a bike ride. On the page there are also 2 videos. It shows some of the apps used at the bottom of the page. You can view the two stories here:

Striking a New Chord

Organizing a Movement




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