Apple Shares Two New iPhone Ads

07/09/2015 18:46

Apple has tonight released two new iPhone ads. They’re called “Loved” and “Hardware & Software”. Both of these ads bring back the classic Apple saying “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s now an iPhone.” They haven’t used this for a while and they’re bringing it back in these new ads.

The first ad, called “Loved”, talks about how people love their iPhone. They say that 99% of users love them. Then they showed a bunch of people being happy and playing… obviously loving their iPhone.

Then we have “Hardware & Software”. This one takes a stab at all other smartphones. It’s talking about how Apple creates both the hardware and software and makes sure that everything works well together. The hardware complements the software and the software complements the hardware. Most other phones are made by another company and the software is made by Google. The other companies try to use a skin over Android to make it their own, but it’s not as good as iOS. (That actually wasn’t in the ad. That’s just what we’re saying happens.)





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