Apple Shares Strange iPhone 5c with Touch ID Image

05/21/2015 08:33

With the launch of their new Lightning dock on Tuesday, Apple shared some images of iPhones connected to it. There was one photo of what looked like an iPhone 5c connected. However, upon further inspection, it looks like there is a Touch ID home button on it, rather than the normal home button. This is a little strange since there is no Touch ID on the iPhone 5c.

While this images was shared by Apple themselves, it seems unlikely that this could be the next generation cheaper iPhone. If they were going to make a new, cheaper iPhone, it would likely be called the iPhone 6c and have all of the same features as the iPhone 6. It would just have a plastic back. From the image, everything looks the same as the current iPhone 5c. The only difference is that it has a Touch ID home button. If this is the future cheaper iPhone, it should have a larger screen and a lock button on the side, not the top. From this we can conclude that this was just some weird mistake and is not going to be the upcoming cheaper iPhone.




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