Apple Seeds iOS 8.2 Beta to Developers

11/18/2014 15:00

Following yesterday’s launch of iOS 8.1.1, Apple has now seeded the first beta of iOS 8.2 to developers. Unlike previous .x versions, this one comes with few updates and improvements that we know of so far. The only thing that was stated in the release notes was the addition of Apple Watch support. This new version supports testing and use of WatchKit, which Apple also released today. This allows developers to make apps for the Apple Watch. Following that Apple has seeded Xcode 6.2, which also supports WatchKit and the development of Apple Watch software. We’re not expecting iOS 8.2 to come out any time soon since the Apple Watch isn’t coming until “early 2015”. 

Developers can download iOS 8.2 and Xcode 6.2 within the iOS Developer Center.




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