Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 Beta 5 to Developers

02/04/2014 16:05

Apple today has released the fifth beta seed for iOS 7.1. The release comes about two weeks after the fourth one. In beta 5 there are now more natural sounding Siri voices for Australia English, United Kingdom English, Japanese, and Mandarin-China Chinese. There are also redesigned shift and caps lock keys. When setting a wallpaper within the Settings app the option to turn off the parallax feature had the text "Motion". Now it says "Perspective Zoom". There are a few smaller added features, like the ability to buy whole albums while listening to iTunes Radio, and a bolder event list button within the Calendar app. However, some users are experiencing some AirDrop issues. This should be fixed in the next beta version. 

Since there a fewer UI tweaks in this version some people are thinking that this could be due to the public release coming soon. Before that happens Apple will, however, need to seed the GM version and another one to AppleCare employees. 

Developers can update to beta 5 in Settings > General > Software Update > iOS 7.1 beta 5. If you don't have iOS 7.1 yet you can get it for the first time in the iOS Developer Center. 




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