Apple Replaces ‘Free’ Button with ‘Get' Button in App Store [Update]

11/19/2014 10:43

If you've ventured into the App Store today, you may have noticed something new with free apps. Now, instead of saying "Free" they now say "Get". This is just another way to say that the certain app is free. Personally, I prefer it before when it said “Free”. This makes it seem like all of the apps are on sale for a limited time only and you can “get” it now. As of right now our resources are limited to why Apple decided to do this. As for apps that do cost some of your hard earned cheddar, those still have the price listed below them, with nothing different. Around 9:00 this morning, Apple had only updated the apps on the main home screen on the App Store but as of now every app that is free just says “Get”. Also, the free apps in the Mac App Store still say “Free”, but we’ll be sure to let you know if they change that too.


Apple has done the same for the Mac App Store.




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