Apple Releases OS X 10.9.2

02/25/2014 16:05

Finally, after seeding 10.9.2 for over two months now Apple has released this version to the public. 10.9.2 adds the ability to make audio only calls over FaceTime, block people when using iMessage and FaceTime, and much more. Not noted in the update info is a fix for the SSL security flaw fixed with iOS 7.0.6. There were many rumors and tests proving that Macs were also vulnerable. 

This update will come in at 859.70 MB. If you are on OS X Mavericks you can update to 10.9.2 under the Mac App Store > Updates > Software updates > OS X Update 10.9.2. If you're not on OS X Mavericks you can download it for the first time by searching for "Mavericks" in the Mac App Store. 




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