Apple Releases iOS 8.4, Apple Music, Beats 1

06/30/2015 09:07

Following Sunday’s rumor, Apple has released iOS 8.4. This came at about 7:52, rather than 8:00. They also released Beats 1 and Apple Music at the same time. Both are accessible within the Music app. Apple Music occupies three tabs, where Beats 1 only takes a part of the Radio tab. Other than the new music services, iOS 8.4 also includes a new Music app, audiobooks have been moved from Music to iBooks, and an Audiobooks CarPlay app. This update is available via Settings > General > Software update > iOS 8.4. 

Apple Music and Beats 1 is only available on iOS 8.4. We haven’t seen it come up yet on iOS 9 beta 2. There’s also no iTunes update available, adding these services.




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