Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 2 to Developers

06/24/2013 19:36


iOS 7 beta 2 is finally here and as most people were thinking, this beta comes with support for the iPad and iPad mini. Most of the rumors that we have been seeing the last week or so have been almost identical to what we are seeing in beta 2 on the iPad. We’re not going to go into depth on what iOS 7 on the iPad look like because that will be covered in a future article today.

Along with support for the iPad comes some bug fixes and improvements. Here is a highlight of what some of the most interesting new things in beta 2 are:

ü  Support for the iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, and the iPad mini.

ü  One of the things that was missing in beta 1 was the Voice Memos app. That is now back in beta 2.

ü  New male and female voices are now in English, as shown at WWDC.

ü  Many users are saying that Siri is working much faster than beta 1.

ü  Tweaked lock screen music controls

ü  All new Newsstand interface

ü  New clock icon in Control Center

iOS 7 beta 2 is now available for download or update to developers starting today. 




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