Apple Releases '1.24.14' Mac Anniversary Video

02/03/2014 16:05

Apple today released a new video celebrating the Mac's 30th birthday. This video shows how the Mac is used in the workplace. From editing photos in an office to looking for things in the middle of nowhere, it shows how the Mac is more than just a computer. The video is called "1.24.14", which is the Mac's birthday. 

Apple has also made another page on their site celebrating the birthday. That page tells how the whole video was shot on the iPhone 5s in one day. 

On January 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh. And with it a promise that the power of technology, put in the hands of everyone, could change the world. On January 24, 2014, we sent 15 camera crews all over the world to show how that promise has become a reality. 

From sunrise in Melbourne to nightfall in Los Angeles, they documented people doing amazing things with Apple products. They shot over 70 hours of footage — all with the iPhone 5s. Then it was edited and scored with an original soundtrack. Thanks to the power of the Mac and the innovations it has inspired, an effort that normally takes months was accomplished in a matter of days.

They got over 70 hours of footage. The music being played is original and everything was edited on a Mac. According to Apple, this video took only a few days to make. There were 15 different videos being recorded in different places all on January 24. There is a whole bunch of other information on how the video we recorded and what was used that we are not even covering. All of that can be found here.




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