Apple Relaunches 16 GB iPad 4

03/18/2014 16:05

Following the launch today of the 8 GB iPhone 5c, Apple has relaunched the iPad 4, also known as the iPad with Retina Display. Since this is an older model, it's only available in 16 GB. Now that this iPad came back, there is now going to be no more iPad 2. Apple has discontinued it after three years.

The 16 GB iPad 4 will cost $399, still $100 more than the iPad 2. It's the same price as the iPad mini with Retina Display. You can also pick up this model in a cellular version for an extra $130, making it $529. Unlike the 8 GB iPhone 5c, the 16 GB iPad 4 is available in all countries. You can buy it here.




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