Apple Raises iCloud Contact Limit to 50,000

05/15/2015 08:29

Apple has today updated their support documentation for iCloud Contacts. These new changes now say that you can enter up to 50,000 iCloud contacts. Previously, the limit was 25,000. The document also outlines the size limit per card and group, as seen below:

  • Total number of contact cards: 50,000 
  • Maximum size of a contact card: 256 KB 
  • Maximum size of a contact photo: 224 KB 
  • Maximum size of a contact group: 256 KB 
  • Maximum size of all contact cards: 
  •     Card text: 24 MB 
  •     Card photos: 100 MB 
  • Supported file types for a contact photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF 
  • vCard import limits: 
  •     Total number of vCards: 50,000 
  •     Maximum size of a vCard: 256 KB (photo + text) 
  •     Maximum photo size for a vCard: 224 KB




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