Apple Posts Video on Environmental Friendliness of Campus 2

04/21/2014 15:57

Apple today has posted a video on their website of how environmentally friendly their Campus 2 project is. In the video is a bunch of rendering of what Campus 2 will look like. Everything is designed by Norman Foster. One thing that is said in the video is to "reduce packaging". While saying that they show a box for the iPhone 5s. This could lead people to believe that they're going to change their boxes, but we think that they mean what items are shipped to them and to the store in. However, they could change the material of their boxes. 

Something that we never really thought of was how their data centers could be powered. In the video they tell us that their data center will be powered by the sun and wind. Something that we noted was that the whole manufacturing process of devices will be run off of 100% clean energy. 

Being green now goes far beyond their new campus. They said that new designs of devices will "make use of recycled materials". If they plan on using recycled materials on their devices there might be a big design change. 

After the video is a web page showing how the climate change affects their work, the toxins used (and not used), some finite resources, and a preview of their progress. You can view the "Better" video and the page here.




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