Apple posts new iPhone Videos

09/11/2013 17:31

Last night Apple released three new videos of YouTube. They go over the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and the new Touch ID home button on the iPhone 5S. These are the same videos that Apple showed at the media event.

The iPhone 5C video goes over some of the features of the new phone and what is does. It also talks about the process to make the device. They talk about how the plastic was made and reinforced to make it stronger.

In the iPhone 5S video there isn’t many features covered. It mainly focused on how the camera is redesigned and some new features that you can enable in the camera app, such as slow motion HD videos, Burst Mode, and more.

The final video goes over how to use the Touch ID home button and some of its features. They show how easy it is to set up a new fingerprint. One neat feature that is covered is the ability to add multiple fingerprints. It also demonstrates that you can use your finger to buy apps in the App Store and songs in the iTunes Store.

You can watch the three new videos below. 




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