Apple Pay Adds 35 New Banks

07/23/2015 08:03

Apple has updated their Apple Pay participating issuers page today with 35 new banks. These new banks are located in the United States, not the United Kingdom. Below you can see a full list of the updated banks that support the use of a credit or debit card with Apple Pay.

1st Source Bank

Allegacy Federal Credit Union

Amarillo National Bank

American National Bank and Trust

Cambridge Trust Bank

CASE Credit Union


Coast Line Credit Union

Columbia Bank

Community Financial Credit Union

Eagle Federal Credit Union

Earlham Savings Bank

Eastern Bank

Evergreen Credit Union

Fidelity Bank

Federal Savings Bank

First Financial Bank

First National Bank and Trust

First National Bank of Omaha

FNB Community Bank

Heritage Family Federal Credit Union

Meritrust Credit Union

Pittsford Federal Credit Union

Premier Federal Credit Union

Quail Creek Bank

Reliabank Dakota

Reliant Federal Credit Union

Renesant Bank

SESLOC Federal Credit Union

Stanford FCU

The Summit Federal Credit Union

uMark Credit Union

Umpqua Bank


Y-12 Federal Credit Union




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