Apple Launches ‘Powerful’ iPhone 5s TV Ad

04/23/2014 16:17

Apple today launched a new TV ad featuring the iPhone 5s. It’s called “Powerful”. The ad shows people using the iPhone in normal ways. For example, some people are using an app to check their health, view directions, record videos, make some art, and more. At the end is the phrase “Your more powerful than you think”.

Along with the ad Apple has also created a web page to go with it. At the top of the page it says that you are more powerful than you think, thanks to the iPhone 5s. Below that is a section where you can view some of the apps that was shown in the video. There are six apps: Star Walk, Instant Heart Rate, World Lens, AmpliTube, Luminair, and Pacific Rim. You can view the video and new page here.




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