Apple Launches Online Store in Russia

06/26/2013 15:58


Late last night Apple announced that they launched their online store in Russia. Not only does Russia have an online Apple store, but they also get the full lineup of all Apple products. Customers in Russia can now order MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other Apple accessories. 

One the front page of Apple’s site for Russia is a big banner announcing the arrival of the online store. The image features different devices such as a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Magic Mouse, iPod, Apple TV remote, and a home button.

This is a very big deal in Russia. Apple does not have any retail stores there. Before, the only way people could get an Apple product was from a third party reseller. Now, Russians can get new devices right from Apple without the need of going anywhere else.

Earlier this year there were new job listings on Apple’s site suggesting that they might launch an online store in Russia. The listing required fluency in both English and Russian and was based in Cork, Ireland. The job title for this position was “Russian Chart Team Manager”. 




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