Apple Launches New 16GB iPod Touch 5

05/30/2013 18:46

Back when Apple released the iPod touch fifth-generation they only offered it in 32GB and 64GB at $299 and $399, respectively. This was a little dumb. Most people get an iPhone or iPad in 16GB, so a 32GB baseline iPod touch model is a little strange. When the iPod touch fourth-generation came out they offered it in another strange array of memory: 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

Well, you guessed it. They just announced the iPod touch 5 in 16GB! Ok, not really. They are offering it in 16GB, but with a strange twist. No back camera! What?! Also, it only comes with a black front and a silver back. The iPod touch 5, 5S, 5 part, or whatever it’s called will start shipping now for $229. For only $70 more it seems like it would be worth it to get the 32GB model instead. You get 16GB more, a rear facing camera, and the ability to pick any color of your choice. What are your thoughts on the new version of the iPod touch 5? Do you like it and would you buy it? Email us your answer. 

Check out the new iPod touch here.





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