Apple Launches Earth Day Newspaper Ad

04/22/2014 16:52

Today the first ads in honor of Earth Day have just started popping up in the U.K. This ad is by Apple and shows solar panels at their Campus 2. At the top is the caption "There are some ideas we want every company to copy." According to CENT, this ad is more talking to Samsung than anyone else, since they are known to copy a lot of things from Apple. Below that are a few paragraphs explaining some of the things that are used at Campus 2. 

There's one area where we actually encourage others to imitate us. Because when everyone makes the environment a priority, we all benefit. We'd be more than happy to see every data centre fuelled by 100% renewable energy sources. And we eagerly await the day when every product is made without the harmful toxins we have removed from ours. 

Of course we know we can continue to do better. We've set some pretty ambitious goals for reducing our impact on climate change, making our products with greener materials and conserving our planet's limited resources. So the next time we come across a great idea that can help leave the world better than we found it, we look forward to sharing it.

Right now we are unsure if this ad will also appear in the U.S.




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