Apple iWatch?

12/28/2012 17:37


Apple has created things we never knew we needed like the iPad or the iPad mini, but could the iWatch be added to the list? A recent report said that Apple was pairing up with Intel to develop a watch on an IOS based platform. There hasn’t been anything yet saying if it will get its own OS like the iPad nano or get added to the long list of IOS users. From what we have heard it will most likely be a separate OS. The watch is still in the early stage of rumors (if there is such thing of an iWatch) and most likely won’t come out until the middle of next year.

Rumor round up of the iWatch

1. No IOS UI, Just a different OS.

2. 1.5” screen

3. Coming out in the middle of 2013 (if it exists).  

4. Bluetooth-enabled

This is pretty much all we could find on this watch right now, but you can count on use to bring you more info and rumors on the iWatch. 




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