Apple iRadio to launch with IOS 7

01/04/2013 09:08


Richard Greenfield, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg all made the prediction that Apple will launch a Pandora-like radio service. These predictions were made back in October and September. The predictions say that Apple will launch the iRadio with IOS 7.


Greenfield says that the iRadio will be built into the iTunes app, which may be a bit off since Apple separated the Podcasts into its own app. No matter if the iRadio is in the iTunes app or if it has its own app it will most likely happen. We can also say that Apple will most likely have a radio because they added a radio feature in iTunes 11. Could this be the beginning or prototype of the iRadio?


Apple’s iRadio will be like Pandora where you can tune-in to custom stations based on your likes. For example, you can make a station with your favorite song or artist and the radio will play songs similar to that song that you made the station based on. We will most likely see the iRadio with IOS 7 when it is released at WWDC sometime in-between June and September.




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