Apple Hits 50 Billion App Downloads

05/15/2013 16:56


Apple has just hit 50 billion app downloads. It’s hard to believe that it only took 13 days for them to get almost 1 billion downloads. The winner, who is not yet known, will receive a $10,000 App Store gift card. The 50 people who download an app after the 50 billionth one gets a $500 App Store gift card. When the winner is finally announced we will let you know who it is.

One interesting fact is that it took 3 years, 8 months to reach 25 billion app downloads, while it only took about 14.5 months to reach the remaining 25 billion. Also, did you know that Apple sold over 20 billion apps in the last years and 50 million apps a day? If you won the $10,000 what app(s) would you get with it? Hopefully you decide to get our app (even though it’s free). 





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