Apple developing emergency number app

01/10/2013 17:30


Apple has just been issued a patent via U.S Patent and Trademark Office for an emergency app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini, and iPad. The app is rumored to be a quick way for people to make an emergency call to the local authorities and emergency services. The app would be a normal app that would sit on the Springboard and you can tap it to get the numbers or you can slide the app to reveal the numbers quickly.


Apple believes that this app could reduce the number of calls to 911. For instance if you need to call the cops you can call the police number from the app instead of having to call 911 and have them call the police. The app could range form many different numbers like the police, hospital, fire department, or even one of your contacts (most likely configurable in the settings page of the app). 




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