Apple Confirms they’re Removing Aperture

02/11/2015 15:04

Apple’s own take at Photoshop, Aperture, has been available in the Mac App Store for some time now. After WWDC there were rumors that Apple would remove that app from the App Store in place of the upcoming Photos app. Now, Apple has confirmed that they will in fact remove the app from the App Store. On the Aperture website, there is a notice from Apple saying that when the Photos app is available this spring, the Aperture app will be no longer available. Below is Apple’s comment on the app removal:

Aperture gives your photography the professional treatment it deserves, with more sophisticated tools to perfect your images and powerful ways to browse and choose your best shots. And now that Aperture is optimized for the MacBook Pro with Retina display, it’s a whole new way to see everything.

When Photos for OS X is available this spring, Aperture will no longer be available for purchase from the Mac App Store.

Some are worried that the new Photos app will lack some of those features of Aperture. Aperture had many features that made it a competitor of Photoshop. However, the Photos app seems limited in features and acts more like iPhoto, where there were few editing tools. 




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