Apple Closely Monitoring Employee iOS 7 Use

07/01/2013 19:43


According to 9to5Mac, Apple is closely monitoring the way their retail workers are using iOS 7. Retail store managers and Apple’s Human Resources team have been talking to employees that were found using iOS 7 during work hours to make sure that they have downloaded it from the official developer channel. They are also making sure that only approved employees have iOS 7. To ensure that all retail employees know this, Apple sent out the following warning letter today.

Am I allowed to load and use iOS beta software on my devices? Not unless you are a member of the iOS Developer Program, or have been explicitly authorized by management to participate in the development or testing of internal Apple applications as part of the Official Apple project.

You may not load iOS beta software onto any other person’s iOS device. Employees are not authorized to receive iOS beta software from any third parties, even if those third parties are iOS Developer Program members.

Employees have also not been allowed to show iOS 7 beta to Apple Store customers. As one employee said to 9to5Mac, “you could get fired for showing a customer iOS 7 on your device”. That person also said that Apple is being very strict with this. 




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