Apple Announces European Black Friday Sale with Discounts

11/28/2013 16:51

European Apple Stores have announced their Black Friday sales. Unlike the one in Australia and New Zealand with gift cards, Apple is offering traditional discounts.

- iPad Air: Save £31-61 
- iPad mini: Save £15 on non-Retina models, no discount on Retina models 
- iPad 2: Save £25 
- iPod touch: Save £25 
- iPod nano: Save £11 
- MacBook Air: Save £81 
- MacBook Pro: Save £81 on both Retina and non-Retina models 
- iMac: Save £81 
- Apple TV: Save £15 
- AirPort Extreme: Save £15 
- AirPort Time Capsule: Save £25 
- Various accessories: Discounts vary 

It is unclear why they went with discounts rather than gift cards in Europe, but Apple is still expected to use the gift card promo in the United States. 




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