Apple and Waze: No deal

01/04/2013 09:40


Apple has been trying to pair up with Waze, a famous map app company, to help make an update on the horrible Apple Maps. Waze was going to help Apple with the traffic feature (one of the things that Waze is famous for) and make the map app better.


In an update regarding the recent rumors of Apple working with Waze to make the maps app better, it seems like the deal is not going to happen. A TechCrunch columnist wrote and article about Apple and Waze. He started out saying that the deal fell through and at the moment it won’t happen. Here is the full article:


There is no deal happening. At least not now or anytime soon.

Does this mean Apple and Waze have never talked? Of course not. In fact, you can bet that they’ve spoken quite a bit since Waze is a partner that provides data for Apple’s mapping software. And it doesn’t even mean that they haven’t had some low-level conversations about some sort of bigger deal, maybe even an acquisition. But newsflash: big companies and small companies have these types of talks all the time. On a daily basis. And usually the end result is nothing beyond a “thanks for coming in” and sometimes even a “let’s continue talking”.


At this point Apple has no interest in actually working with Waze, but maybe in the future Apple will get a little help from a 3rd-party company. 




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