Apple Adds New Flash Storage Options to the iMac

05/02/2013 17:23


If you go over to buy an iMac you will see two new storage options. You’re no seeing things. Apple added those on purpose. They added 256GB and 512GB of flash storage. These will come at a $300 and $600 increase to replace the 1TB ATA drive.

Previously, the 21.5” iMac did not have flash storage as an option, only offering a 1TB ATA drive or a 1TB Fusion Drive. Those options are the same, but now there is the addition 256 and 512GB options.

For the 27” iMac, Apple only offered 768GB of flash storage. Alongside that was 1 and 3TB ATA drive, which was the same for the Fusion Drive option. Like the 21.5-inch model, the 27-inch one get the new 256 and 512GB flash storage option. 




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