Apple Adds 2 New Your Verse Stories

05/25/2014 16:17

Apple today added two new Your Verse stories to the page. They also uploaded two new videos showing off the stories to YouTube. The first one is called “Chérie’s Verse. The title on Apple’s site it’s called “Exploring a world without limits”. According to the story, Chérie loves to travel and uses the iPad for all her travel and keep logs of it. There are also two other videos featuring Chérie and her travels. At the bottom of the page it shows some of the apps that Chérie uses. Below that it shows and iPad and the caption “For any size of adventure.” You can read Chérie’s story here.

The second second addition to the Your Verse page is called “Esa-Pekka’s Verse”. On Apple’s site they call it “Orchestrating a new sound”. This pages includes three more videos that were not shared on YouTube. The story says that the iPad is used for “engaging a contemporary audience”. It also provides inspiration for every day use, and helps you compose your music. The iPad is a replacement for many different instruments, thanks to GarageBand. Below that it shows some of the apps used in the video and a caption by the iPad that says that exact same thing as the last story. You can view this page here.




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