Amazon Launches ‘Local Register’ Card Reader

08/13/2014 09:16

Accepting credit cards on the go from your smartphone or tablet is the trending topic for small businesses. Now, Amazon is coming in on the action, with their new “Amazon Local Register”. More famously known for their credit card readers is Square. When you subscribe for their service you get a free card reader, but you can buy one from a store for $10. PayPal has also come out with their card reader, which is also $10 in stores. Now, this Amazon Local Register card reader is also $10. Unlike Square, you don’t get a free card reader, but on the upside when you sign up before October 31st it will only cost you 1.75% per swipe until January 2016. 

Amazon’s card reader can buy purchased from their website today for only $10 here. You can also download their companion register app from the App Store for free here




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