Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Surfaces

02/13/2014 15:45

iPhone 6
Images shared with MacRumors shows an alleged prototype of the iPhone 6. What we know so far is that these images came from someone in China. Right now it is unclear if these images are real or not.
On the back on the device is a black Apple logo, camera, noise canceling microphone, and the dual LED flashes. On the front is an edge to edge screen, touch ID, ear piece, a camera to the left of the ear piece, and a sensor to the right of that. The bottom of the device looks a lot like the iPod touch 5. There is a Lightning connector centered, 3.5 MM headphone jack to the far left, speakers, and a microphone. The full aluminum design in very similar to the iPod touch 5. 
As we said earlier, the screen goes from one edge to the other. All of the rumors that we have heard so far say exactly what this picture shows. 
MacRumors also asked a designer to compare the image to an image of the current iPhone. Going diagonally, the screen in 4.7 inches. The rumors say that Apple will come put with two new iPhones this year, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. This is presumably the smaller one of the two. The width of the new device is the same as the current iPhone, 2.3 inches. Finally, the iPhone 6 will be 5.1 inches tall, compared to 4.87 inches on the current iPhone 5s. 




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