Alleged 'iPad Pro' Model Surfaces

05/16/2014 17:00

An alleged model claiming to be what the "iPad Pro" will look like has just surfaced. This was shared by Chinese site Weibo. According to the post, this is what the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro will look like. 

There have been a few rumors over the past few months saying that Apple may come out with another new iPad to suit the professional consumers who want to work on an iPad and no an actual computer. 

The back of the device looks like the current iPad Air. Everything looks pretty similar, except it's much larger. On the top left side is the camera, in the top middle is the second microphone, and in the middle is the Apple logo. As seen in the hand, this is a very large device. This is larger than the smallest MacBook Air and almost as big as the largest MacBook Air.




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