50 Billion App Download Winner Revealed

05/16/2013 17:17


The winner of the 50 billionth app download and a $10,000 App Store gift card has just been revealed. The winner’s name is Brandon Ashmore and lives in Mentor, Ohio, USA. The app that won him $10,000 was the free Say the Same Thing game.

The app is a social word game where you play against another person to see, well, if you say the same thing! You start by entering a random word. Next, you each enter a word that relates to the two words you entered earlier. You keep playing until you each enter the same word.

It’s pretty amazing how someone can win $10,000 by just downloading a free app. The other 50 winners are still not yet known. We will have an article in the future to let you know who they are.  




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