1 Year Anniversary Celebration

07/17/2013 17:53

Join us as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of iappletech128. We will be hosting a live screen share going over what we have accomplished in 1 year. We will be taking a look at our site, YouTube, our software, and anything else that happened over the year. 

Note: The live video to the event will be shared to Google+ and embedded on our site. Google doesn't let you make a Hangout in advance so I need to make it when it happens. If you miss it don't worry! It will be uploaded to YouTube after it is over. 

What to do so you don't miss the event:

So you don't miss the event you want to check back on our site for the embedded video. The link will be shared to Google+ and it will be live streamed on our YouTube channel. 




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