A Simple but Useful Accessory for your iPhone

05/26/2013 14:01


This project by Ron Adair via Kickstarter confirms that some of the best ideas don’t have to be big. If you own an iPhone or any iDevice, almost all of you know that when you plug your headphones in, the speakers don’t work and nothing comes out. This creation is very simple, but effective. Ron made this device for people who are stuck in embarrassing moments when an app makes noise… even when the phone is muted.

The science behind this

Even when your device is muted, some apps (such as the music app) can overwrite the mute button and make sound. This is because you are requesting the app to make sound and you previously told the phone to not make sound. The device is designed to accommodate you so it makes sound to make you happy, in simplest form.

Back to the project

Overall, this is a very simple, but useful product. They are currently at $6,815 pledged with 350 backers. There are only 27 more days left of this project so you better hurry over to donate $13 and get your choice of either a black or white Mutator. However, they are only at 28% funded so you better hurry over to help them out. (If you backed this project you should get one by October of 2013.) 





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