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  • 06/08/2015 15:13

    Apple Adds Dedicated iCloud Drive App in iOS 9

    Users have just discovered that with iOS 9 there is the ability to add an iCloud Drive app. We’re not sure if this is here for the beta only or if it will stay for the public launch later this fall. This app allows you to view the files currently in iCloud Drive. It also allows you to upload files to iCloud Drive right from your iOS device. If this is kept this would be nice because there is no other way to be able to view the files in iCloud Drive on iOS. 

    To enable it you first have to go to iCloud in settings and then to iCloud Drive. Then toggle on the option to show it on the home screen. After that you will have a fully functioning app. 

  • 06/08/2015 14:51

    Apple Merges all Developer Programs

    Following WWDC, Apple announced that they have merged all of their developer programs. Previously, there was an iOS developer program and an OS X developer program. Now, both have been put into one. Each use to cost $99 a year, totaling $200 a year. Now, both will only cost $99 a year. This allows developers to have access to the beats of everything and publish their apps on both the Mac App Store and iOS App Store. 

  • 06/08/2015 14:50

    WWDC 2015 Recap: Apple Music

    Like many rumors have suggested, Apple has announced a new music streaming service. It’s called Apple Music. Like Spotify, it costs $9.99 a month and allows you to pick from a wide range of artists with their many labels that they’ve signed a deal with. iTunes Radio is still available for free. However, this is something a level up, allowing you to pick your own songs. There is a three month free trial of the service for those who aren’t sure if they want to use it or not. Apple takes a totally different take on streaming music. This is more of a social platform for artists who can share lyrics, behind the scenes videos, and other content. 

    On top of streaming, there's also a radio service. It's called Beats 1. It's a 24/7 radio and is available worldwide. Apple Music will be available on June 30th with iOS 8.4. It will also come to OS X and Windows with an iTunes update. Apple Music will also be available on Android. If you don't want to pay, you will still be able to access exclusive artist content and Beats 1. 

  • 06/08/2015 14:48

    WWDC 2015 Recap: watchOS 2

    Today Apple announced something that we weren't really expecting. This was a new update to the Apple Watch OS, which we learned is called watchOS. This new version is called watchOS 2. One thing that we were really looking forward to was native apps, and Apple answered that with this update. You can also add an image to the watch face, so you no longer have to look at that black background. They've also announced a new time-lapse watch face. There will also be the ability for third-party apps to have a watch face widget which can be added. There can also be multiple pages of friends, whom can now be added from the watch. There's also a new time travel feature. You can use the Digital Crown to scroll through and see what your schedule looks like for the next few days. 

    On top of that there are some smaller additions, like having Siri show you a glance, share your activity achievements, reply to emails, make sketches with multiple colors, have Siri end a workout, and have third-party apps show data in the fitness app. 

    This is available as a beta to developers starting today. It will come to the public later this fall. 

  • 06/08/2015 14:46

    WWDC 2015 Recap: OS X 10.11

    Alongside iOS 9, Apple has also announced OS X 10.11. This year it’s named El Capitan. Like iOS 9, there's lots of new features but mainly focuses on improvements. In fact, there wasn't a whole lot that was new.

    First is Spotlight. It's now more smarter, being able to give you weather and spot score information. It's also resizable and you can move the window around. Speaking of windows, there's new window management. If you click and hold on the fullscreen button you will be able to drag it to either the left or right half of the screen. It's called split view and once you drop the window it will show your other open windows to put next to it. What's nice about this is that it creates it's own desktop, so you can have two windows side by side on one desktop and other windows on another desktop. 

    There's also Mission Control improvements. You can drag an app to the list of desktops and make that full screen. You can also made side by side apps while in Mission Control. 

    There's also some smaller things, like better performance, Notes app tweaks, ability to pin tabs in Safari, and Mail app tweaks. Finally, there's Metal. This allows developers to create more efficient games for the Mac. 

    Oh, and the cursor call out. If you've lost your cursor just shake your mouse and it will get bigger so you can see it again. That's by far the best new feature. 

    OS X 10.11 is available to developers starting today from the Mac Developer Center. There will be a public beta in July and a free upgrade this fall. 

  • 06/08/2015 14:45

    WWDC 2015 Recap: iOS 9

    At today’s WWDC, Apple announced iOS 9. Like most predicted, there isn’t a whole lot new with this version. Rather, it focuses on the smaller things and improves on them. It includes bug fixes and other things that many will enjoy.

    With iOS 9 we now see a new Spotlight page. Like iOS 6, it’s now to the left of the first page. There are a ton of changes. First, Spotlight is now smarter. It can provide weather, sports scores, and much more. Also, it isn’t just Spotlight on that page. There’s four top contacts and four apps that you might want to use. There’s also suggestions for places you might want to go and breaking news. 

    Apple Pay also has some improvements. There are more locations that support it, it now accepts reward cards, store cards, and will work on the UK in July. There’s also no Passbook. Now, it’s been renamed Wallet because it’s a lot more than just passes. Notes got some improvements, like being able to insert websites, add a check list, and draw on your notes.

    For Maps, there is now transit maps and where you can find stops. Next is Intelligence. This is now built in to Siri. If you tell Siri to remind you about “this” she will know what this means. For example, if you’re on a website and you ask to be reminded about this, she will remind you about the site. This also works for other things like emails and messages.

    Like many predicted, there’s also a news app. It’s a lot like Flipboard, providing news on your interests. There’s also some smaller things, like QuickType keyboard improvements, redesigned app switching, better battery life, smaller file size, and wireless CarPlay.

    Something that was really interesting was Slide Over. This is basically like multitasking. It allows you to run two apps side by side on an iPad. Because it’s smart, it can do picture in picture for videos. 

    Developers have also got a lot of new things. First, there’s new APIs for Spotlight and Slide Over. There’s some new kits as well, which include GameplayKit, Model I/O, ReplayKit, and Swift 2. 

    iOS 9 is available to developers for download starting today from the iOS Developer Center. It will come to the public this fall.

  • 06/04/2015 15:12

    Apple Watch to Launch in 7 More Countries June 26

    In a new press release, Apple has announced that the Apple Watch will launch in 7 new countries on June 26. Those countries are Mexico, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan. They will be available in store, online, and in select authorized retailers. 

  • 06/02/2015 15:03

    Apple Shares New 'Shot on iPhone 6' Ads

    Apple last night shared seven new ads for the iPhone 6. These are 15 seconds long and show videos made by consumers using the iPhone 6. They show the clip for a little bit. Then it says "Shot on iPhone 6" and who it was recorded by. We've embedded our favorite one above, however you can watch them here.

  • 06/02/2015 15:01

    Apple Begins Decorating for WWDC 2015

    Apple is starting to decorate the Moscone West Convention Center. This is for WWDC 2015, which starts next Monday. They are decorating the building where their keynote will be held. As of right now, there’s only the stem of the Apple logo, however we’ll update this post as more is added.

  • 06/02/2015 14:58

    Apple Brings Along 12 New Apple Pay Banks

    Apple has today updated their support page for Apple Pay, adding 12 new participating banks with Apple Pay. This means that if you have one of the following banks you can now use Apple Pay with your credit or debit card. The following banks now support Apple Pay:

    Banner Bank

    BayPort Credit Union

    California Coast Credit Union

    Centier Bank

    Community First Credit Union (CFCU)

    Glenview State Bank

    HAPO Community Credit Union

    Prestige Community Credit Union

    Provident Credit Union

    Staley Credit Union

    Synovus Bank

    Wood & Huston Bank

    You can read the whole list of banks that support Apple Pay here

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