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  • 11/04/2012 08:30

    App of the day


    Today's app of the day for November 4 is: for the iPhone it is summly for free. For the iPad it is scoreboard for $1.99. For more info on today's apps you can search them in the app store or go to appoftheday.com.


  • 11/03/2012 15:29

    Fun widget for the Mac

    Heres a dumb but fun thing that you can do on a Mac. It's a widget for the dashboard. It is called Google logo. What it does is when google has their new logo on google.com it shows you the new logo of that day. You can get that widget for free by clicking the link: https://wsidecar.apple.com/cgi-bin/nph-reg3rdpty2.pl/product=12107&cat=&platform=osx&method=sa.

  • 11/03/2012 09:46

    New lightning to micro usb connector

    Apple just released a new product to go with the lightning connector. It's lightning to micro usb. Now you can use your micro usb chargers with the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, iPod nano 7, iPad 4, and the iPad mini. To me, there isn't a need for it unless you lost your lightning cable. If you get one of the devices with the lightning connector it will come with the cable.  But for $19.00 and free shipping, if you have a spare micro usb cable laying around you lost your lightning connector if might be for you.store.apple.com/us/product/MD820ZM/A/lightning-to-micro-usb-adapter?fnode=3a&p=1

  • 11/03/2012 09:29

    App of the day

    Today's app of the day for November 3 is: for the iPhone it is need for speed most wanted for $6.99. For the iPad it is NBA game time for free. For more info on today's apps you can search them in the app store or go to appoftheday.com.

  • 11/02/2012 17:15

    App of the day

    There is no new app of the day.

  • 11/02/2012 17:14

    IOS 6.0.1 update

    Apple just released the new IOS update IOS 6.0.1. The update consists of bug fixes like lines on the keyboard, the iPhone 5 installing software updates and a passcode bug in passbook. Mainly it is all bug fixes. If you are experiencing these problems you should update, but if not there isn't much worth the time for the update.

  • 11/02/2012 12:58

    iPad mini review

    After going to Target today, there weren't any iPads on display. I went to the person who works in the electronic section and asked him where the 2 new iPads were. He said that they didn't have the 2 new iPads out on display and they only had the iPad mini out in the front desk. He said he couldn't get the iPad 4 out yet, but he opened an iPad mini and gave it to me to use (he opened an iPad mini just for me!). The box of the iPad mini was a little bigger then an iPhone box (which is pretty small). In the box you get the usual assortment of items; finger tips, apple stickers, user manual. Also in the box, you get the lightning connector and the power block. The power block was the size you get with an iPhone, not the type with the full size iPad. Now to the iPad mini. The size is just like a normal tablet, except the iPad mini is a little more square than a normal tablet. Compared to the iPad 3 (which was on display) the iPad mini is small. The screen almost comes out to the edge on the left and right. The back of the iPad mini isn't the liquid metal back like the iPhone 5, but is more like an aluminum. When I turned it over to take a look at the back, there were finger prints all over (and I was using it for like 2 minutes before too). You could see almost every finger print that touched it. On the back, the finger prints looked like they were greasy and oily. When I turned it over to the front, there were big fogged circles around my fingers which then lead to finger prints all over the screen. When I turned it on, the slide to unlock slider was very small (probably to fit the screen with the same lock screen scale picture). With it on, it's like any other iPad you've seen. The speed isn't anything special because of it having the same chip as the iPad 2. The camera is great just like the iPad 3 or 4. 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front with video capability of 720p HD video. 
    That is the iPad mini review and I hope to have the iPad 4 review up soon (after I am able to see and use one).
    Colors: Black, White (In the review I used the black model)
    GB Size: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
    Wi‑Fi + Cellular

  • 11/01/2012 18:23

    New iPads at Target!

    Tomorrow, November 2nd, Target will be having the iPad 4 and the iPad mini will be at Target. I will go check out the new iPads at Target tomorrow and bring you a review on the 2 new iPads. Be sure to check in tomorrow on google+ or my website (here).

  • 11/01/2012 08:12

    iPads start shipping?


    The new iPad mini and the iPad 4 started shipping today! However the new iMac is still coming soon. I'm not sure if the new iPads are at the Apple store, but they should be there soon. The new 13" MacBook Pro with retina display is at the Apple store now.


  • 10/31/2012 16:46

    New plush toy!


    The new angry birds plush toy is out! It is the pink bubble bird form the second newest update from angry birds seasons. It will be $11.99 and will start shipping 11/25/12.


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