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  • 06/23/2015 13:14

    Apple Seeds watchOS 2 Beta 2

    Apple has today seeded the second beta of watchOS 2. This comes alongside the second beta of iOS 9. It’s available two weeks after its initial announcement. It can be accessed by going to Settings > General > Software update > watchOS 2 beta 2 within the Apple Watch app. This update...

  • 06/23/2015 12:54

    Apple Seeds OS X El Capitan Beta 2

    Following the second seed today of iOS 9, Apple has also seeded the second beta of OS X El Capitan. This comes, as well, two weeks after the first seed. This is available for update either through the Mac App Store or from the Mac Developer Center. This version adds many bug fixes and not much...

  • 06/23/2015 12:49

    Apple Seeds iOS 9 Beta 2

    Apple has just seeded the second beta of iOS 9 to developers. This release comes two weeks after the initial release to developers. It’s available starting right now either via Settings > General > Software update > iOS 9 beta 2 or from the iOS Developer Center. This version adds many bug...

  • 06/19/2015 13:37

    Apple Stops Selling First iPad Mini Online

    Apple has quietly pulled the first-generation iPad mini from their website. They have also removed any note of it, such as in comparison pages or anything else. This means that it’s no longer available for purchase. We’re currently not sure if they are still selling them in store or not. They are...

  • 06/19/2015 13:30

    Apple Begins 27-Inch iMac 3TB Hard Drive Replacement

    Apple has today issued a recall on some hard drives placed in the late 2012 27-inch iMac. This is only in iMacs sold between December 2012 and September 2013. The hard drive that is said to be failing is the 3TB variant. If you have one of the Macs that could have this issue you can check here.

  • 06/18/2015 13:06

    Beats 1 Appears in iOS Betas

    A new section under the radio part of the Music app shows more information on Beats 1. This is only showing up for people who are running either the iOS 8.4 or 9 beta. Right now it’s not working and you can’t listen to anything. It just shows the Beats 1 logo and links. There’s less than two weeks...

  • 06/17/2015 15:57

    Apple Watch Available in Retail Stores

    Like the rumor previously stated yesterday, the Apple Watch is now available for purchase in stores. However, this isn’t acting like a normal Apple device. You can’t just go in and buy it. Those who have reserved a time online and paid can go in and pick up the Apple Watch. Stock is spread...

  • 06/16/2015 19:39

    Apple Watch Now Available In-Store in Australia

    The Apple Watch is now available for purchase in-store in Australia. Like we said in the last article, it will likely be available for only in-store pickup. Since it’s the next day in Australia, it’s now available for pickup in the store. However, you can only get it in the store if you purchase...

  • 06/16/2015 15:10

    Apple Watch Beginning to Arrive In Stores

    The Apple Watch is starting to arrive in stores, according to BGR. The report says that the watch is arriving today and will be available for personal pick-up starting tomorrow. Right now the models and stock are currently unknown. We’re also not sure when it will be available for purchase with...

  • 06/15/2015 15:30

    Apple Seeds OS X 10.10.4 Beta 6

    Apple has today seeded the sixth beta of OS X 10.10.4. This version comes a week after the last release to developers. This version adds a few tweaks and bug fixes. There are no major fixes that need to be noted.  Developers can update to beta 6 in the Mac App Store > Updates > Software...

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